New Year. New You.

Why you shouldn’t just start another diet in January 2019

And what you could try instead

Another year has passed where your New Year’s resolution to be healthier peaked in January and pretty much went down the toilet the rest of the year. Thinking about starting another new (or the same) diet again this January? Let me save you some time, energy, stress and most of all, disappointment. DIETS DON’T WORK. If diet’s worked, you wouldn’t be contemplating “re-starting” last year’s diet, this January.

Out with the old… In with your new mindset

I’m not saying you can’t work towards being healthier. I’m saying you need to change your way of thinking and your tactics. How many diets have you tried because your friend did it? Or some celebrity says they did? SPOILER ALERT: THEY ARE BEING PAID TO SELL YOU DIET/EXERCISE PLANS THAT WON’T WORK. More to the point, most of them aren’t even doing what they are asking you to do.

“If diet’s worked, you wouldn’t be contemplating “re-starting” last year’s diet, this January. “

Still reading? Must mean you are half way on board. You obviously don’t want to start another diet that makes you feel miserable and deprived. Yes, you may lose weight quickly in the first few weeks but then what? You eat a appropriate meal and suddenly the weight piles back on. Sound familiar?

Ideally, I’d click my fingers and instantly help you see that you are wonderful right now and you don’t need to change what makes you uniquely you, …but baby steps.

So… Make your New Year’s resolution this year. But change your strategy. Shift your mindset. Here is your list of little mindset changes, that will make all the difference.

  • Old mindset – I hate the gym but I must exercise to burn off the calories I have eaten
  • New mindset – I’m proud of myself and love my body for being strong and able to move. I exercise because I enjoy it. 
  • Old mindset – I’m not allowed carbs, sugar is bad, only salad
  • New mindset – I love cake so if I fancy cake, I will god-damn eat cake! The world will not end, I will not gain 5kg from one piece of cake. I will indulge in it and move on.
  • Old mindset – I had a naughty weekend and drank lots of alcohol so this week I will be super strict with my exercise routine and diet plan.
  • New mindset – I had a great time with my friends this weekend and I did not deprive myself. It does not change my exercise or nutrition this week. I am free to enjoy a drink/food with my friends.

Full disclosure: nothing happens over night. Consistency is the key. What you do most of the time matters more than one piece of cake, or a few glasses of wine one evening. Life is for living and enjoying. Work towards your goal this New Year but remember…

Don’t miss out on 95% of life just to weigh 5% less

Love Becky xx

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