If you personal train with me, we take the focus away from aesthetics and numbers on the scale. We focus in on how you are feeling in yourself and the progress on your training. For this reason, I never take pictures of my clients because there is no pressure to aim for an aesthetic goal. Once you take that pressure off, you will be surprised by how much you can achieve and be proud of!

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“Becky has been fantastic! I’ve been training with her for a few months now, she is so friendly and professional. I have had changing circumstances during this time, and she is adapting my training and giving me new challenges. I’m loving it, learning new exercises and rediscovering old things I enjoy such as rowing. Becky is so good at tuning into what you want to achieve, what exercises you find tricky, what you enjoy, and what inspires you. The variety is great! Becky is also holistic, and we have discussed broader health, nutrition and lifestyle. It’s been transformational, and I’m really enjoying it. Thank you Becky! I can recommend her unreservedly.”


“I’ve started training with Becky and absolutely love each of my training sessions. She is so enthusiastic, positive making exercising fun and also interesting. From the first session we covered goals and got started straight away with a plan. I’ve learned so much about getting in shape and how the different muscles connect and work – she’s explaining what we’re doing and why all the time.
She is so professional and efficient, pushing me to overcome my limitations and keep on going towards my fitness goals! I truly feel each session leaves me with a “Job well done” feeling. Highly recommend!”


“I started with Becky around 5 months ago thinking that I was too overweight to be fit. I was fairly sendentary as I have 2 little ones and every time they were sleeping or under their father’s care I spent my time mostly sitting down. I never liked the gym and had no idea about exercising. Under her guidance I am not just more active but now I love going to the gym or just finding the chance to exercise at home. She has never been shy about advising how to work out with or without equipment. She was always very honest and helped me with a bad case of diastasis recti which I thought could only be sorted surgically, telling me that patience, constancy and discipline will do the job, so here I am almost the same weight but 2 sizes down, my health improved in many ways, I sleep better, have more energy and yes you can change many things in life but with the help of a professional like her you can keep on track, you can have realistic targets and always have the chance to improve and have fun on the way. I cannot recommend her enough!”


“Becky is a great personal trainer and for me she was exactly what I’ve asked. She knows how to motivate me and made every single training count. I’m recommending Becky to everyone as thats how I met her and I know now why she was recommended to me as I trusted my goals to her and she made sure I got there.”


“I wanted to get a few personal training sessions to get back into the swing of things whilst I’m back at uni and was recommended Becky by my housemates.
She works hard at tailoring sessions to your specific needs and always ensures you get the most out of the workout. Not only that but she is super friendly and encouraging, especially in a gym environment which can be quite intimidating.
I would not hesitate in recommending her and will definitely be taking sessions with her again in the future.”


“Becky is an absolute star! After only a few sessions with her, my confidence and ability have both grown massively. She’s introduced me to lots of new exercises and helped establish a new routine that I genuinely enjoy! Very supportive, positive and encouraging and helped me to embrace lots of things I would have been intimidated by previously! I would strongly recommend working with Becky whatever your needs are! Thank you so much!”


“I absolutely love training with Becky, both at group classes and one to one. Becky’s yoga classes are particularly fantastic and she is always so encouraging. I’ve found a real love of yoga since meeting Becky.

Thank you 😊🙏”