About Me

Ever since I was 3 years old, I did ballet and absolutely loved it. I loved the musicality and movement. When I gave up dancing at university, I needed to fill the space with some activity, so I joined the gym. It didn’t come naturally to me at first. For months, I floated around, using the machines that looked the least scary, or just the ones that no-one else was using. 

Fast forward to today, I couldn’t love moving more.  I have fallen in love with the feeling of strength and empowerment when I lift weights. I have enjoyed the stress relief of boxing and the serenity of yoga. Most of all, I have fallen back in love with my body for everything it can do, not what it looks like. The joy and excitement of a personal best, or trying something new is the biggest motivator I have ever experienced. 

This is why I became a Personal Trainer. To share the love of movement with you. Because exercise isn’t hating your body and wanting to burn calories. It’s not just about changing the way your body looks. It’s about health. It’s about enjoyment. It’s about you.